What is the function of the CPU Usage and Physical Memory on a computer?  Data Storage portable or a while. CPU Usage is the ability or capacity of the processor (CPU) is being used and expressed as a percentage.

For example, you find the CPU Usage 20 percent, it means that the processor was working with 20 percent of maximum capacity.

What is the function of Physical Memory


What is the function of Physical Memory
When CPU Usage has reached 100 percent is usually a computer process will be slow and even pause or commonly known as the hangs

While the Physical Memory is the physical memory installed on the computer or commonly known as RAM (Random Access Memory).

Its function is as a temporary data storage. The memory works by storing and supplying important data required processor.

To be more easily understood as an example, when you open an application such as Microsoft Office, then the CPU will open the application from the hard drive and then load it into memory. Therefore, the more applications you have open, the greater the capacity of the memory. I hope this helps. by loka visual