What is Facebook Riff? And How to Make Videos with Friends?

Facebook as a biggest social media in the world is now always develop features and apps. Good news for you all Facebook released a new application. The social networking giant is launching a video collaboration application calledRiff. In accordance with its function, the Facebook users can make a video together. How to use it is quite easy. For example, if you create a video and equipped with tag, so your friends could see the video clip and add them to it. So in one video, unbiased variety of clips from some of people.




Simply put, this application looks like a snowball effect. So when your friends add their clips, the video had been able to be seen by their friends. After that, his friends could also add video clips to your Riff.

Video Riff user could also be shared to Facebook. Riff which is a Facebook application from Creative Labs is a new way to have fun with friends,” said Facebook.

Riff application is now available for Android and iOS devices. The application can be downloaded at Play Store and the App Store.