Screenshot Apps For Android Smartphone – Do you need screenshot app? Generally each smartphone has a function to take screenshots easily.
Applications capture or screenshot useful for taking pictures directly from your Smartphone screen. This capture feature actually does not need an application on Android devices. But of course not all applications can do screenshots directly. There are several possibilities such as the type of phone used or the version of Android operating system used.
In general the screenshots usually simply by pressing the volume down key with power button simultaneously. But this is not everything can be done on Android phone, because every smartphone has a different way when taking screenshots. Well, at this time I’m G
oing To share Apps for Android screenshot.


NoRoot Screenshot Lite


Screenshot For Android

You could use this application easily and users can take screenshots or capture on Smartphone. This application has screenshot image formats JPG, PNG, and Bitmap. The size of the application which isn’t  too big of 1.9 MB and could be used and installed on Android devices version 2.3 and above. But unfortunately this screenshots application can only be used on Android phone Rooted only. Download



Easy Screenshot


Easy Screenshot could use to capture the image on the active screen though. There are some interesting features of Easy Screenshot applications such as site selection for storage, crop from the screenshot, and more. Screenshot Easy application need Android operating system 4.0 and above only. You can try it with easy advance through the Google Play Store.



Screenshot ER


Apps Screenshot ER also has the same function as the above Apps, but this application lacking for crop features. The use of this application is quite low for those who has RAM. But Screenshot ER optimal when used for rooted Android only. Apps Screenshot ER is not free but are paid with the download through Google Play. The size of Screenshot ER is 3.2 MB. Google Play Store Download


NoRoot Screenshot Lite

In contrast to the above screenshot application that requires root moment when you want to use. Screenshot Noroot Lite does not need root when you want to use it. And  if you want to use it very easy . You can download it via Google Play first. Here