new app on playstore

Play Store added “free app of the week”– Google news for you are Android user, because Google Company  has decided to introduce its application store pre-moderation downloadable programs and launched a new section called “Family.” Now Play Store replenished format “free app of the week”, has gained popularity in other areas, but not previously recognized by the company itself. Now the free app of the week is offered as a separate banner for a limited number of regions, and it is located in the section of applications “for the whole family.”

In fact, for the first time in the Google Play app it’s free for a certain period because the company believes that any program paid once become free, can no longer be applicable. However, based on the accompanying information to the direct link, Google has managed to solve this issue by creating a promotional code for your application. This is also confirmed by the fact that Google Play is returned to China, where the App Store is now ranked first in the number of downloaded applications. In the ranking of the Google Play China is a leader on the grounds that the local market is quite specific, and therefore popular local shops because of the number of pre-emptive smartphones based on alternative firmware.

Given the absence of five years in the Chinese market, Google has decided to offer a number of advantages for manufacturers of smartphones, and consumers. One way is to provide a more flexible monetization of applications, including the ability to make on time free. source