Most Popular Surveillance Camera Systems CCTV – The importance of security companies and homes, with the growing modern era. Advanced technology by using CCTV which can be accessed from anywhere and where there are over mobilephone or other similar device. Through the Internet or a smartphone, you can look at the conditions around offices, factory, home or other places with ease. Do not go wrong when you buy CCTV, know the kinds of CCTV cameras right and select cctv camera that fits your environment and needs. Broadly speaking, the security camera based system is divided into 2 types: analog CCTV and IP camera – and the difference CCTV iP camera, based on the physical form and their uses are known several types of CCTV: Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, Box Camera, PTZ Camera, etc and each type -type cctv cameras have different specifications and features.

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1.Dome Camera

Dome Camera

CCTV camera is not look or hidden but visible to the naked eye. Dome Cameras are commonly sold type of fixed camera is a camera that only leads to one direction, but there is also a kind of dome cameras that can rotate quickly “Speed Dome”, the price is relatively much more expensive than a fixed dome type camera.


2. Bullet Camera


Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera is a surveillance camera that is widely used by people today. The camera of this type has advantages of waterproof so the rain-affected conditions of this type of camera is not easily damaged. usually used in the room (indoor cam) and outdoors (outdoor cam) is certainly one of the standards that must be met is waterproof. Bullet camera is mounted on the wall or ceiling. This type of camera is not designed for have pan / tilt / zoom control is a type of fixed the camera with the goal of capturing an image of a fixed area.


3. Ptz Camera

Ptz Camera

Ptz Camera is PAN TILT ZOOM, PAN camera is ability for be able to move to the left and to the right, TILT camera capabilities can move up and down, ZOOM camera ability for enlarge images up to several orders of magnitude, type PTZ camera is used to monitor a wide area by using 1 camera, this facilitates CCTV supervisor in monitoring by using one camera, because ptz camera can rotate automatically or manually moved through the controller.


4. Box Camera


Box Camera Has the ability to zoom with the placement of mounting on the vertical plane, the lack of this type of camera requires lighting to be able to capture a clear image. Can use infrared with additional tools and the use of infrared lens on this camera and it would be better if the box camera is equipped with camera housing if it is still within reach of the hand.


5. Wireless Camera

5. Wireless Camera

Wireless Camera typically also known as IP Cam, consisting of a variety of shapes and sizes. Some use the battery or not. Connected directly to the internet, so that you can see in real time which you supervise. Can be accessed via smartphone (blackberry, android, iphone, smartphone, etc.) which support for the CCTV livestream. However, unfortunately not all IP-based CCTV wireless camera, some of the type wireless camera can use an alternative model in wireless transmission. Most Popular Surveillance Camera Systems CCTV