Intel Core i3 vs i5 Which is The Best Processor – Hi… Today im going to discuss about the Processor. For you who do not know what it Processor, Processor is a tool or an important component of a computer whose task is to process all of the user’s command.

However, over time, the development of increasingly sophisticated Processor as well, call it starting from the Pentium 4, Dual Core, Core 2 Duo, Celeron. And it’s been changed to Core i Series, which like the Core i3, i5 and i7.

I am very interested to discuss which one is better and should be chosen between Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5, each entry in the upper middle-class Processor. Why I did not discuss the Core i7? You need to know, the Core i7 Processor which can be said is already in the top class (high-end), so it seems not worth juxtaposed with Core i3 and i5.


Intel Core i3


both are Having Resource  Lightweight

For you who are planning to assemble a PC or buying a laptop, might have to consider important aspects like this Processor, which of the types of Core i3 or Core i5 would you take, starting from price considerations to the needs.

Each of the Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 does not require great resources, and each of the two has a Silicon to withstand the heat, so it will minimize the performance of the heatsink (Processor Fan).


Intel Core i3 and Core i5 Are both Has 4 Core

Core is one of the important parts of a processor, usually in a more Core Processor, the multi-tasking capabilities of the computer, the better. And both have  4 Core.


Core i3 Suitable For Daily users

With great power supply and it takes a lot of resources, it looks like the Core i3 is suitable for everyday use which mostly just browsing, typing, Edit Photos, Edit Videos and Gaming middle class.

Core i5 is has Turbo Boost Technology

Core i5 has a feature called Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which allows users to add up to penetrate Processor speed limit of maximum frequency. With the support of 6 MB (4 MB for the Core i3) L3 cache, making better responsiveness than the Core i5 Core i3.

Core i3 More Efficient Power and Heat

Already absolute terms, the higher the process is done, the greater the heat emitted. When compared with the Core i5, Core i3 performance in removing heat arguably better, because the processor does not work hard in making the user’s command.

Core i5 is recommended For Advance Users

Despite having a slightly higher heat than the Core i3, Core i5, but the ability to process orders slightly more favored, especially for you who use the computer as a work tool with a heavy software such as 3D and animation.