How to test antivirus detection is Working Or Not for Windows – Have you recently bought or reinstall your laptop or PC? Antivirus is one of the software that is needed for you have on every PC / laptop, aims to protecting PC / laptop is protected from malware attacks, viruses, and other malicious activities.
However, sometimes also the possibility to use some antivirus that it is not running well or even not detect viruses at all (perhaps because of a conflict with other software, no antivirus component that was accidentally deleted, etc.).

Well, for those of you who may be hesitant with antivirus capabilities you use, you can check whether it can work well or is not detected virus. Today im going to show you how it work?

1. It is very easy and not at all harmful to your computer you have to do is first open Notepad, then copy-paste the following script code. Remember, make sure the same as the one below (flat and there is no space between the script).


2. After that, Save As Notepad by name and with storage area you want for example on the desktop and with .com extension on Save as type change it to All Files. Example:


How to test antivirus detection is Working Or Not for Windows

Remember you should add com tex on las title your file like below example! Save file as or you also can save by  check-antivirus.bat (*.bat). Test Your Anti-Virus Using Notepad is simple way to know your Antivirus working well or not. Don’t worry this trick is very safe.


virus infected files example

3. Wait a few moments. If you work with a good antivirus then the antivirus will be immediately detects the file you created earlier just now.

Do not worry about the file you’ve just created before, the file will not infect your PC, even if detected by antivirus.
Script code above is a Standard Text that is used by developers antivirus especially EICAR (European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research).
EICAR itself is an entity that is focused in the areas of computer viruses and they create a standardization of the antivirus. These standards are used to see the reaction when the antivirus detects the file created by the EICAR is a text file that you created before in Notepad above.