How to play Gameboy (GBA) games on Android With Emulator

android game for GBA



Maybe for you Nintendo fans want to try to play it easier on the smartphone? Now you can play free for GBA on your smartphone. I personally also one of the Nintendo lovers  especially GBA. GBA or popularly known as Game Boy Advance was developed by Nintendo. 

If you want to play GBA on your smartphone, you must use emulator. Emulator is supporting application to facilitate play games on your PC or Smartphone.
To be able to play GBA games on android emulator we should have first, here I use a special application called My Boy! which can be downloaded free and paid version playstore. On this time I will share Free to you all please downlaod Here
If you want to download GBA games Click Here or may you Also can Download Here.

1. Download GBA games what do you Love and save it on you’r  memory card. Save the section that is easy for you to find it.

2. Open the GBA emulator, then search forder which had been you save games.