How to play Clash of Clans on PC – In this article I’ll share tips how to play clash of clans on your Pc or laptop. We knew Clash of Clans  is one of the most top and popular online video game for Android, iOS or PC and this game is developed by Supercell. as user of Clash of Clans game, im very love this game because unique strategy with awesome background themes and also images is very clear  even when zooming it still clear.  Basically clash of clans is a strategy game, where you have to build rural and create a powerful army. In the case of this game you have to upgrade Town Hall so that your defense is getting stronger. Talking about clash of clans, of course you already know because this game very  popular on Android OS and iOS, but do you know? You could also play by using a Pc or laptop? I personally played been 3 months and the results are very good at same on iPhone or Android smartphone.

For beginner or you want to play COC game on your PC , so in this post I will tell complete guide about how to start and install Clash of Clans game on Your PC.

Download Clash of Clans for PC Windows & Mac

Before i’m Going to more tutorial let me tell you to show app for running Clash of Clans game on your PC. Basically when we want to play Android games on the PC we need an application that is BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a common application used to run Android apps on your PC. If you do not have BlueStacks please download here. BlueStacks is very commonly used by gamers, so do not be surprised if when you want to play Clash of Clans also need it.

The complete guide to play Clash of Clans on your PC

Once you download BlueStacks, so please open and install it. Wait a few moments until the installation is complete. Once you pass the installation, then search Clash of Clans As the following image !!



This is the first display when you want to find a game or app with the keywords you want. You can download many games or app according to the capacity of your Ram.



Let’s start to play!

coc mulai

After waiting for loading while you could play the clash of clans in your PC as well as playing on an iPhone or Android smartphone. I prefer to play on your PC than playing on smartphones, as in your PC longer and not have to worry about low.


How about it?  Are you interested in trying it?
If you are interested then please try it, do not forget to share this article to your friends and if there are questions and problems please  contact us via comments below. We are very happy and friendly respond  your problem, see you in the next post!