How To Know Original Or Genuine Windows 8.1 64 bit – Hello, do you just bought a laptop? a few days ago I bought a laptop brand ASUS, but when I brought it home there are many problems that I found. After I checked there are problems with windows and I saw turned out windows 8.1 I have not genuine. Many shortcomings of Windows pirated, especially Drivers. When you buy a new PC or laptop devices make sure it works well and has the original OS. For the price of Windows may be $ 150- $ 300, I have not verified it and ungkin you can check it on the online store with the keyword prices Genuine Windows 8.1.

Windows 8 Original / Genuine
1.Windows can update via the Windows Store
2. After updating does not hang or error
3.Windows 8 Genuine nothing genuine windows logo on the computer properties


Furthermore, another trick to determine if genuine windows by checking several features such as Windows 8.1 can change your account picture, Lock Screen and others in setting profiles win 8
Computer visible properties in the article “Windows is Activated” you can chack it In the Control Panel and then Windows Activation.

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Today has been very similar to Windows pirated, there is the easiest way possible and has been proven that you can try.

How to test windows genuine by cmd 

1. Press the Windows Logo + R So, type CMD

2. Then type slmgr/xpr and Enter what happened?

I check the windows 8 not genuine

Oh shit my windows not genuine. And it turns out they gave me a fake product, for that I sue them and ask for the original product. It is an extraordinary experience. Please note use the original product because if you go abroad worry there are random checks and if you bad luck your laptop will be taken. Easy ways to know your windows Original Or Genuine or not. If you new user and don’t know about windwos, i hope you have to ask in the forums or to those who have experienced