How to Get  iOS 7 Features on android 2015 – Are you wan to your Android smartphone look a like  ios 7? Now anything you can do with ease. Most popular OS Android as a base course, the developers always creates innovation and creativity.
iPhone operating system itself with its IOS 7 has a design that is simple but elegant appearance that makes it look more different from the other OS. However, Apple as the iPhone maker is always set prices slightly higher than other competitors, so much people who can not have it. Don’t worry now you can make your Android smartphone has the design has a similar appearance as iOS 7. Here’s how to change the look of your Android becomes like iOS 7:
The first you do is download and install the application Espier Launcher that will be used to change the display and Android application icon you become iOS 7.


How to Get  iOS 7 Features on android 2015?


Espier Launcher 7 1.4.7

Espier Launcher 7



Then you can also download and install the Control Center application to acquire control center such as iOS 7. The application is very cool, so that it can help you resembling Android iOS 7.


Espier Control Center 7 1.4.0

Espier Control Center 7


To add features to make it look elegant please download and install Espier Notification that will change the look of your Android notifications into notification in iOS 7.


Espier Notification 7 Pro 1.6.0

Espier Notification 7 Pro




Download and install Espier Dialer to change the look of calls like iOS 7. Espier Dialer is a app that can help you to display a call like iOS7 for Android.


Espier Dialer 7 1.2.0


After you install Espier Dialer, then download and install Espier Message 7 in order to look like you change your messaging iOS 7.


Espier Message 7 3.0.0
Espier Message 7




apple iOS 7 di Android-9

Download and install iOS 7 Lockscreen app. Which will change the look of your lockscreen into lockscreen iOS 7.


.iOS 7 Lockscreen Parallax HD 3.0.8

 iOS 7 3D Live Wallpaper. is that often people use the app

iOS 7 Live Wallpaper 3D.