How install instagram on computer PC – Instagram is one of the Photo share very popular today. If previously a lot of people using instagram on smartphome, but now you can use it with your PC or Laptop. But first you need to download and install on your computer using app Bluestack. what is Bluestack? For you who never know before about Bluestack, so you must know it first make it easier to run games or other applications. Bluestack is an emulator or software running on the computer which allow users to choose and use Android. Simply Bluestack is support for Android apps that run on a PC or Laptop.

How to download Bluestacks

Please go to the official website via Bluestacks
Press Download
Wait for the download. Previously there may be approved for download, press Yes / Ok / Save.

After performing the installation, then you will look like the image below please!


So After that, you should search word Instagram ‘. please see the following image! How to Download And install instagram on computer PC?


how to install instagram on computer PC


After you get the application, then please register as you do regular. Here you only need to include your name, password, email etc. Is this article helpful? If you find this article useful feel free to share it to your friends. If you still do not understand and get some issue please contact us or comment in the box below!