Are you Videos collector  on Smartphone, but you are a very small memory capacity? Save video files in the memory is often a problem for the majority of smartphone users. Especially those who have limited memory capacity. Additionally, video files that are stored have a large file size. Automatic phone memory will fill up quickly.

To overcome this problem, maybe you can reduce the size of video that will you saved in mobile phone memory to compress firstly so the file size becomes smaller. If you want to do it you need app is Videos Compressor.

Videos Compressor is an app allows you to compress video capacity without reducing quality. If you want to try this app firstly, please download here

Next after download file, please install on your smartpnone. And so look tutorials the following!

How to compress large video files on Android Smartphone?



Open Videos Compressor application, then select the Browse button to select the video you want to compress.
After that, enter the name of the output file in accordance with the wishes. Remember naming the output file can’t  use spaces.




The next most important thing is to determine the size of the desired video file. Previous sure you know the original file size of the video to be compressed in order to estimate the size of the video file right after being compressed. Press Convert button if setting has been done.


3If you don’t  understand, please comment. This tips only can you done on Android smartphone and i dunno it this app working on iPhone or not? Thank you for visiting!