Gaming Online Processor AMD FX-6300 vs Intel Core i3-4130 – Maybe for you who are game lovers you want to play game well on your Computer PC? yeah, of course one of the main factors that you should look is to choose a good processor.Some times lately, we see some type of processor that is quite often ogled prospective buyers of computers because the ratio of price vs. performance is interesting, two of which are the AMD FX-6300 and Intel Core i3-4130. This is a choice of two processors which provide the best bang for the budget, in particular for the assembly of PC Gaming middle class. Although quite often to review many processors, we own was never compare the two processors, and is excited to see the ability of both when used to deal with the latest games.

AMD FX-6300 has 6 cores, while the Intel Core i3-4130 has 2 Core, which can run 4 Thread once with HyperThreading. Despite only having two cores and four thread (2C / 4T), Intel Core i3-4130 has a fairly modern Haswell architecture, supported 22nm fabrication process. While AMD FX-6300 still uses an old architecture Vishera, based on the 32nm fabrication process. If we look closer, too, the AMD FX-6300 has a number of L2 and L3 cache which pretty far more bes ar Intel Core i3-4130, and AMD FX-6300 will run at relatively higher clockspeed than i3, namely in figure 3.5 Ghz (i3-4130 at 3.4GHz), and it can be increased to maximum 4.1Ghz light load current. The next difference is the value of TDP (thermal design power) of i3-4130 which much lower than the FX-6300, where the i3-4130 has a rating of 54 Watt TDP, and the FX-6300 is on 95 Watt.

Prosesor AMD FX-6300 vs Intel Core i3-4130

The difference between the AMD FX-6300: 6-Core and Intel Core i3-4130 Piledriver: 2 Core 4-thread Haswell.

AMD FX-6300 has six cores which if all of its core is loaded, then the speed at 3.5 GHz, but when only one core is loaded, the speed can be increased to 4.1 GHz thanks to AMD’s Turbo Core feature.

Core i3-4130 has a Core 2 process which is capable of running four threads, but each of its core architecture based on the famous Haswell efficient. Core i3 does not have Turbo feature, so that the maximum speed when the load will be the same in all conditions, namely the 3.4 Ghz.