Live wallpaper is an application could use for gadgets or your smartphone. Live Wallpaper is art and ornament to give your smartphone be beautiful. Although this application consume considerable battery power.
many people prefer to use it because they thought it is very interesting for their smartphones. For Android devices there are a lot of live wallpaper app that can download free on your Google Play Store.

One of the reasons why some people love live wallpaper app? Because when they look  display on smartphone screen their boredom is less. But there were also some people who love wallpaper with HD quality, yeah I think everyone has the best selection on themselves and it no Problem. Well for you who like collecting live wallpaper apps, here are some of the live wallpaper apps you can use for your Android device! Now i wanna share to you all Free Best Live wallpaper For Android


Petals 3D live wallpaper


live wallpaper free


This live wallpaper app was developed by the skydivers. Petals 3D Live Walpaper you can download for free directly via the Google Play Store. This app is perfect for those who like flowers. Get Now Here


 Asteroids 3D live wallpaper


Asteroids 3D live wallpaper

This app is developed by skydivers which is equal to develop app on top. But what distinguishes this application with the above applications is owned theme. If app using a 3D Petals of flowers, but 3D Asteroids using the theme of the atmosphere in outer space.
  Get Here