clash of clans base farming Examples – Are you looking for bases for you coc game? yeah, base farming is one something that you must take care. moreover base farming also serves as the protector of your opponents, if they are many who steal your gold.  Today you can see peoples are as players of Clash of Clans created stunning designs. I love so much about unique base, there is show how creative peoples. Now im going to show to you all about clash of clans base farming Examples maybe that can inspiring you are.

basically the base created according to your heart. Create a base that you think are strong and beautiful. Give each base with a touch of art and addition to the clash of clans base attack simulator is also very important for you always pay attention, create a strong strategy delivered your bases. Here is not clash of clans base guide, but i just share what i find on my tab.



clash of clans base defense

clash of clans base design town hall level 9 farming

clash of clans base example

clash of clans base layout

clash of clans base skull

clash of clans base th 7 war

clash of clans base th 8

clash of clans base th 9

lash of clans

strong clash of clans base defense

Maybe to create Neat base you have to have patient, always innovating and doing evaluation when your base is attacked by an opponent. Put your troops in a very strategic place . Do not forget the storage Gold it is very important to note, because there are many opponents who just stole your Gold . Put Off your TH to outside area cause your opponent is only focus  to destroy TH