Why You Should Use Gmail?
Today almost all the needs of letters we can done it with email. If we first write letters and then send to the Post or pigeons, but nowadays i think very important you have to email because Besides easy to do you can also send as many as you want. Email is an account that must be owned by everyone, because all accounts related to us definitely need an email. Not only that, email also function
as the messenger to the owner of the other email.

Of the many email services, according to you which one is better and many people use? Maybe some of you have used email from Google or email from Yahoo?

Well, if you ask me which one is recommended? I would suggest you to use Gmail. Not that I do not liketo Yahoo Mail, I also have both and also use it actively. Then why? Here are some reasons!


1. One Account For All Google Products




Here is why I highly recommend you to use Gmail? Because if you use one account you also can use for all the products Google. As an example you create a gmail account and so want to upload a video on youtube, now you do not need to register again to youtube, you have to do things is just connect  gmail account to youtube.


2. Gmail Capacity up to 15GB


Gmail Capacity up to 15 GB


I thought that just for the letter 15GB is very enough, but with 15 GB capacity need, may be you can also upgrade to 100 GB only by paying $ 4.99 / Month


3. Account sync Gmail with Google Chrome


 3. Account sync Gmail with Goe-advancedsyncsettingsogle Chrome


With Gmail, you can also stay connected with your data on the Internet. For example, you have an important history and bookmarks in Google Chrome, then you want the history and bookmarks also exist on other computers, how easy, simply log in using your Gmail account on the computer.


4. Automatic categories For Every Email Login



Excess of Gmail features of other e-mail is automatic categorization, so if there are incoming email, Gmail will filter the message and put it in a particular category in accordance with the provisions of Gmail. Inbox so you will look neat and organized.