Now this Android smartphone users very much and I think almost the majority of smartphones that people used to use the Android OS. Lately attention cybercrime perpetrators. So no wonder if the ecosystem of malware and viruses in circulation makes the majority of Android devices as a primary target.
Malware become so dangerous because it was created to not only damage the device performance, but also to steal users’ personal data recorded on the d
evice. The danger again, now many malware manifold botnet’ Navigable  hackers remotely.



3 Signs Your Android Smartphone Malware Hit


1. Spend a lot Quota Internet

If you are using Internet quota and suddenly so quickly exhausted, then you must be aware! Malware generally arise from fraudulent sites that will continue to direct you to a page promo sites. This condition makes your internet data packets quickly exhausted.
In addition, some types of malware will automatically take control of your email to send many messages contain other malware to your contact list. In some cases also be sent via SMS, which means your pulse will also quickly exhausted.


2. Performance declining

Malware running as an illegal program in the background of your device. It does not look it, but in fact your cell phone continues to work even if you‘re not doing anything. This causes the device performance declined.


3. Battery power quickly drains

Along with declined performance, the battery will also be wasteful because your device continuously operating unnoticed.